Shipping policy

In order to provide our customers with a sense of security when receiving products, we have established the following delivery policy.

  1. Shipping Fees To offer the same service to customers residing on remote islands, we charge a flat nationwide shipping fee of 590 yen. If the total order amount is 10,000 yen or more, the shipping fee will be waived and free of charge.

  2. Delivery Process Upon receiving your order, we will promptly place an order overseas. Shipping will be carried out within 10 to 30 business days (with an average of around 10 days). If we are unable to ship within 45 days from the order date, we will consider it a cancellation and refund the amount for the respective item(s) to your original payment method.

  3. Checking Delivery Status The delivery status of your ordered products will be notified to the email address you specified after order confirmation. Please note that carrier email addresses such as docomo, AU, SoftBank, etc., might not receive these notifications. If necessary, please contact us to make any required changes.

  4. Receiving the Package Delivery will be handled by the shipping company arranged by our shop. In the event of non-delivery due to factors such as your absence, if the products are returned to us, we will charge you for return shipping costs and various fees. Reshipping will be done on a cash-on-delivery basis. Please make sure to contact the shipping company to arrange for the package to be received. If you do not pay for return shipping costs and fees, please be aware that the products will be discarded and no refund will be issued.